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FGSS Commencement

June 3, 2015   ·   Posted in Recent Events

Please join us on June 14, 2015 for FGSS Commencement

FGSS will hold graduation in concert with American Studies and Religious Studies.

After the program in the stadium ends (usually at about 11:30 a.m.), guests should walk over to the reception site–the grove of trees on Galvez St. next to the Ford Center.

Please Note:  The site will be marked in the Commencement Program map as Number 13

We will have a light lunch available as guests arrive.  After everyone has had a chance to eat, we will hold the diploma-awarding ceremony. This usually begins at about 12:45  (the timing varies depending on the length of the ceremony in the stadium) and lasts about an hour.

Although many of the seats for the ceremony are in the shade thanks to a lovely grove of trees, a few will be in the direct sun.  Guests should come prepared with sunhats, sunglasses, etc.

Check the Commencement web site for information on parking and other logistics.  If you have elderly or infirm guests, please check under Disability Resources for available accommodations and resources.”