Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Courses

This page includes a list of courses offered by Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as well as related courses in other departments and programs. Courses are not always offered every year. For information about what courses are being offered this year, please visit

FEMGEN Courses

FEMGEN 5C/105C Human Trafficking: Historical, Legal, and Medical Perspectives

FEMGEN 14N Imagining India: Art, Culture, Politics in Modern India

FEMGEN 16N Heloise of the Paraclete

FEMGEN 17 Gender and Power in Ancient Greece

FEMGEN 24 Sexuality, Gender, and Religion

FEMGEN 28N Queer Lives in Music

FEMGEN 36N Gay Autobiography

FEMGEN 52N Spoken Sexuality: Language and the Social Construction of Sexuality

FEMGEN 54N African American Women’s Lives

FEMGEN 63N The Feminist Critique: The History and Politics of Gender Equality

FEMGEN 86Q Love as a Force for Social Justice

FEMGEN 100 Awareness to Action Workshop: Ending Violence Against Women

FEMGEN 101 Introduction to Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

FEMGEN 103/203 Feminist Theories and Methods Across the Disciplines

FEMGEN 104A Junior Seminar and Practicum

FEMGEN 104B Senior Seminar and Practicum

FEMGEN 105 Honors Work

FEMGEN 105C Human Trafficking: Historical, Legal, and Medical Perspectives

FEMGEN 107A Ripped from the Headlines: Current Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Issues and Questions

FEMGEN 107B East House Seminar: Current Issues and Debates in Education

FEMGEN 107C You’re Majoring in What?! Why Feminism is Still Relevant

FEMGEN 107G Sisterhood, Brotherhood, & Gender Identity: The Histories, Stories, and Constructs of Greek Life

FEMGEN 108 Internship in Feminist Studies

FEMGEN 109 Looking Back, Moving Forward: Raising Critical Awareness in Gender and Sports

FEMGEN 113 Transgender Studies

FEMGEN 114 Sexual Diversity and Health

FEMGEN 116/216X Narrating Queer Trauma

FEMGEN 124 Challenging Sex and Gender Dichotomies in Medicine

FEMGEN 129 Critical Issues in International Women’s Health

FEMGEN 130S Sex and the Novel

FEMGEN 134 The Marriage Plot

FEMGEN 138/238 Violence Against Women: Theory, Issues, and Prevention

FEMGEN 139B American Women Writers 1850-1920

FEMGEN 140D LGBT/Queer Life in the U.S.

FEMGEN 142/242 Sociology of Gender

FEMGEN 144F Female Modernists: Women Writers in Paris

FEMGEN 145 Culture Wars: Art and Social Conflict in the USA, 1890-1950

FEMGEN 150D Women Poets

FEMGEN 153Q Creating the Gendered Story

FEMGEN 154 Black Feminist Theory

FEMGEN 155/255 The Changing American Family

FEMGEN 156H Women and Medicine in US History: Women as Patients, Healers, and Doctors

FEMGEN 159 James Baldwin and 20th Century Literature

FEMGEN 160 Dance and History

FEMGEN 161 Women in Modern America

FEMGEN 163 Queer America

FEMGEN 177 Writing for Performance

FEMGEN 183 Reimagining American Borders

FEMGEN 188Q Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person

FEMGEN 191Q Reading and Writing Women’s Lives

FEMGEN 195 Directed Reading

FEMGEN 199 A,B,C Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Honors Workshop

FEMGEN 205 Songs of Love and War: Gender, Crusade, Politics

FEMGEN 206 Global Medical Issues Affecting Women

FEMGEN 226A Queer Literature and Film

FEMGEN 236 Literature and Transgression

FEMGEN 237 Health and Medical Impact of Sexual Assault Across the Lifespan

FEMGEN 239 Queer Theory

FEMGEN 241 Sex and Gender in Human Physiology

FEMGEN 241W 18th Century Women Writers

FEMGEN 258/358 Sexual Violence in America

FEMGEN 260/360 Women and Disabilities

FEMGEN 282 Representations of Queer Lives in Film

FEMGEN 297 Education, Gender, and Development

FEMGEN 299 Graduate Workshop: Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

FEMGEN 313 Performance and Performativity

FEMGEN 314 Performing Identities

FEMGEN 330 Transnational Sexualities

FEMGEN 389E Queer of Color Critique