2022 Artist Open Call

The winners of the 2nd Annual FGSS Artist Open Call are

Thank you Huali, Cairo, and Bhu Pooh, for sharing your inspirations. FGSS is so proud to feature your work on our website.

Look out for next year's artist call in Fall 2022! 

More about the 2022 Artists:

  • Huali Kim-O'Sullivan is a CSRE major and wannabe writer/artist who aims to create pieces that resonate with BIPOC communities and promote healing. She finds artistic inspiration in her kanaka maoli heritage and her experiences as a diasporic minority living in the continental United States.
  • Cairo Mo (he/they) is a painter and new media artist based in Palo Alto, CA. As a trans masculine artist, Cairo's work serves as healing, ritual, and celebration, and has been shown in exhibitions locally, in New York City, and internationally in France.
  • Bhumikorn (Bhu “Pooh”) Kongtaveelert is freshman and prospective art practice major. He believes that art can be used to expand upon the discourse around gender, sexuality and identities beyond the currently limited view of Queer history as American Queer History.



The 2020-2021 FGSS Program Representatives initiated the Artist Open Call in order to celebrate the power of art in social movements and to uplift artists in our campus communities. Applicants submitted work samples and a short list of portrait subjects. From an impressive pool of work, the Program Reps (Brionna Bolaños, Kiara T. Dunbar, Mikah Sánchez, and Hana/Connor Yankowitz) chose the winners according to a rubric that takes quality of work, portrait subjects, and aesthetic confluence into account. 

The winners of the inaugural FGSS Artist Open Call in 2021 were

  • Angelina Suh (on Marsha P. Johnson)
  • Gileen Navarro (on Kimberlé W. Crenshaw)
  • Jamie Seney (on C. Riley Snorton)

Here is what the artists say about themselves:


  • "Hi, I'm Angelina! I'm passionate about everything from marine biology to film posters to video games, and I bring all these subjects to life with my illustrations. My lifelong goal is to bring happiness to others by creating inherently accessible artwork."
  • Gileen Navarro, a senior at Stanford majoring in Product Design, was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Long Beach, CA. She is a visual designer passionate about using art and design to create meaningful social impact.
  • Jamie (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in drawing, video, and tattoo art.