Community Gathering on Student Academic Experiences

Fri February 12, 2021
3:00 - 4:00pm
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Queer Student Resources, Native American Cultural Center, El Centro Chicano y Latino, Women's Community Center, Asian American Activities Center, Black Community Services Center, The Markaz
Asian American Activities Center via Zoom
Community Gathering on Student Academic Experiences

Have thoughts or frustrations about academic accommodations (or a lack of) at this time?

Have suggestions for how faculty can better support students?

What can students do to advocate for accommodations?

Share your academic experiences with faculty who want to hear from you!

Join us for a community gathering for students to share their experiences and concerns with faculty who will bring the feedback to their respective committees.

We understand that the shift to online courses can be difficult to manage and there are additional challenges students are facing at this time. We want to hold a safe space for students to share with supportive faculty the challenges they have faced in the virtual classroom and how the experience can be improved. We hope that you will join and be in community with other students.

We are creating a safe space for you to share your experiences and concerns with supportive Stanford faculty and staff, who will bring feedback back to their respective committees:

  • Professor Jeanne Tsai - Member, Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Policy (C-USP); Professor of Psychology; Director, Stanford Culture and Emotion Laboratory; Yumi and Yasunori Kaneko Family University Fellow in Undergraduate Education
  • Professor Gordon Chang - Senior Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education; Olive H. Palmer Professor in Humanities; Professor of History, History Department Professor
  • Adam Banks - Co-chair, Committee on Undergraduate Standards and Policy (C-USP); Faculty Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric; Faculty Director, Institute for Diversity in the Arts; Professor, Graduate School of Education
  • Mariatte Denman - Associate Vice Provost, Center for Teaching and Learning

In collaboration with the Black Community Services Center (BCSC), El Centro Chicano y Latino, Markaz: Resource Center, Native American Cultural Center (NACC), Queer Student Resources, and Women's Community Center (WCC)

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