2021 FGSS Prize Winners Announced

The Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program is proud to announce the winners of our 2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Prizes!


The Francisco Lopes Prizes in the Humanities

Ekalan Hou for her paper, "Eat Pecola Breedlove, Love Pecola Breedlove, Be Pecola Breedlove: Digestion and Desire in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye" (written in Anna Mukamal's ENG 5B course, Mental Health and Literature, Midcentury to Present)


Elizabeth Lindqwister for her thesis, "Neither Male Nor Female”: Resurrecting Spiritual Genderlessness in the Life of the Public Universal Friend, 1776 - 1819" (Advisor Jonathan Gienapp)


The Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo Prize in the Social Sciences

Matthew Zheng for their paper, "Queer Biopolitics in Authoritarian China" (written in Adrian Daub's FEMGEN 239, Queer Theory)


The Monica P. Moore Prize for Creative Thesis

Julia Adams for her thesis, "Masculinity Syndrome" (Advisor Valerie Miner)


The Diane Middlebrook Prize for Graduate Teaching

Justine Modica for her teaching in "Caring Labor in the United States" (HISTORY 253L/AFRICAAM 253/FEMGEN 253L) Spring 2020


Huge, heartfelt thanks to this year's judges: Dr Madihah Akhter, Nicole Baran, Dr Annie Bendersky Atura Bushnell, Annika Butler-Wall, Dr Maxe Crandall, Jamie Fine, Dr Estelle Freedman, Sariel Golomb,  Dr Heather Hadlock, Courtney Hodrick, Liz Jacob, Dr Alexander Key, Meagan Khoury, Justine Modica, Alberto Quintero, Dr Selby W. Schwartz