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Congratulations to our 2016 FGSS Prize Winners!

Jun 2 2016

The Program in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 2016 Prize Recipients were announced at last night’s banquet…

  • For the paper, “That’s Leaving it Pretty Much up to Jane,” written in PoliSci 226: Race and Racism in American Politics, under the guidance of Professor Gary M. Segura, The Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo Paper Prize for 2016 went to Sarah Sadlier
  • For the thesis, “Where Asexual and Queer Meet,” written in the Honors Program in Anthropology under the guidance of Professor Liisa H. Malkki, The Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo Thesis Prize for 2016 went to Meredith Pelrine
  • For the paper, “Marriage as Bondage in an Era of Transition,” written in English 134, The Marriage Plot, with Professor Claire Jarvis, The Francisco Lopes Paper Prize for 2016 went to Alexandra Gray
  • For the thesis, “Private Eyes? Voyeurism as a Conduit for Memory in the Novels of Nina Abouraoui and Abdellah Taia,” written in the Honors program in French under the guidance of Professor Marisa Galvez, The Francisco Lopes Thesis Prize for 2016 went to Radhika Bora
  • For her work as a Teaching Assistant in FEMGEN 101: Intro to Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, The Diane Middlebrook Graduate Teaching Prize for 2016 went to PhD Candidate in History and FGSS PhD Minor candidate, Madihah Akhter
Congratulations to all!
~ Thank you to those who served as reviewers ~ 
Madihah Akhter, Annie Atura, Rachel Carrico, Jakeya Caruthers, Alison Dahl Crossley, Michele Elam, Luz Jimenez Ruvalcaba, Katherine Jolluck, Lily Lamboy, Hannah LeBlanc, Jonna Louvrier, Richard Meyer, Sandra Nakagawa, Peggy Phelan, Jessi Piggot, Paul Robinson, Michael Rosenfeld, Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci, Hangping Xu, and Lisa Yiu
~ And to those who submitted nominations and paper submissions ~