Debra Meyerson

Adjunct Professor
Debra Meyerson
Ph.D., Stanford University, Organizational Behavior (1989)
M.S., MIT, Management (1980)
B.S., MIT, Management (1979)
Tenured Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior from 2003 to 2013. Transitioned to adjunct professor in 2013 after a severe stroke in 2010.

Debra Meyerson conducts research in five areas: a) gender and race relations in organizations, specifically individual and organizational strategies of change aimed at removing inequities and fostering productive inter-group relations; b) the role of philanthropic organizations as intermediaries in fostering change within educational institutions; c) leadership and entrepreneurship in education; d) going to scale in the charter school field; and e) accessibility and the construction (and destruction) of work-life boundaries through communication technologies. Debra worked with Harvard Business School Press to publish Tempered Radicals, which provides an in depth look into how one can create positive change in the workplace without division or strife.

Following a stroke in 2010, Debra is now initiating research into the experience of stroke survivors in the rehabilitation process, the impact of gender and socioeconomic background on that process and its impact on a survivor's sense of identity.