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Want to learn more about the major, minor, or interdisciplinary honors program in FGSS?  Contact one of our peer advisors!

Lucas Lawrence

Hi y'all! My name is Lucas Lawrence, I use he/him pronouns and I'm a junior from Long Island, New York. I declared a major in Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies because I wanted an academic framework for what I was thinking about in my personal life. Some of my favorite courses, such as Transgender Cultural Studies, Intro to Queer Studies and Sexual Diversity and Health, have given me this framework while also pushing me to think more critically about aspects of my identity where I hold privilege. Outside of the classroom, I spend my time working at the Women's Community Center to continue interrogating gender expectations and pushing for equity. I also work at the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking as a writing and oral communication tutor, where I help other students acknowledge how their identities form their biases and style for writing and speaking. I have office hours at the Women's Community Center and the Hume Center if you ever wanted to drop by, but if you'd like to schedule something, send an email to -- I would love to chat!

Jasmine Mueller-Hsia

Hi! I'm Jasmine and I use she/her pronouns. I'm from the beautiful town of Flagstaff, AZ. I joined the FGSS program after realizing that the #premedlife is NOT for me – and instead, I fell in love with sexual health education. FGSS examines identities, systems of power and oppression, and relationships between people. I think all of these are really important. Every class teaches me a new perspective, how to think from a different angle, and how to be a more thoughtful and caring human. I apply what I learn to other work on and off campus, and I'm gaining skills that I'll use for life. My only regret with FGSS is that I cannot take more of the classes! Come say hi to me in the Q-Spot, the A3C, the SHPRC office/store in Vaden, and my happy new home in Synergy. Please don't hesitate to email me anytime:

Michela Rodriguez

Hello! My name is Michela Rodriguez, I use she/her pronouns, and I am a senior from Poway, CA. I first encountered FGSS during winter quarter of my frosh year when I took Estelle Freedman's IntroSem, "The Feminist Critique." It was the first time at Stanford that I felt fully engaged in a class and invigorated by the material. Sophomore year, I enrolled in "FemGen 101" and realized I would never get tired of reading books or having conversations about these themes. Since then, some of my favorite classes within the major have been "Sexual Violence in America," "Transgender Cultural Studies," and "Language as a Political Tool." The people in the FGSS department strive to make each major, minor, and honors student feel supported and seen. You can find me at any number of student theater productions on campus, hanging out with my residents in EastFlo, or raving about the Thai food served at an FGSS lunch or dinner. You can also email me at


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