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The Program offers an undergraduate major, secondary major, and minor, and an interdisciplinary honors program that is open to undergraduates in all majors. Additionally, the program offers a PhD minor that is open to all students currently enrolled in a doctoral program at Stanford.

Each student builds an individual program of study.  The four most common subplans are Arts & Culture, Global Studies, Health, and LGBT/Queer Studies; students identify their focus within their chosen subplan.

The Program encourages work in the arts and supports creative honors theses.

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I chose to major in Feminist Studies because it was one of the few programs at Stanford where I could study issues that were directly pertinent to my life and my activism. There was never a concern that the knowledge I was learning was not 'practical,' or not 'applied' to the real world because the theories and methods I was exposed to...
Alok Vaid-Menon, '13