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The Practicum in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (104 A-B) guides FGSS majors through the process of conceiving, proposing, funding, executing, and analyzing a service-learning experience. The practicum courses (FEMGEN 104A, the Junior Seminar and Practicum, and FEMGEN 104B, the Senior Seminar and Practicum) bring this practical experience into conversation with intersectional feminist and queer analytics.

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Authors Publication Year Title Publisher
Alice Serenska 2023 Sexual Health Peer Resource Center
Mikah Sánchez 2023 The Control Room: A Summer of Building Confidence as an Artist
Glede Wang 2023 VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab (Stanford University)
Brionna Bolaños 2022 Embattled: Preserving Persistence and Resilience in the History of the FGSS Program at Stanford
Hana/Connor Yankowitz 2022 Queer, Grassroots, Nonprofit: My Work at Peacock Rebellion
Somer Khambu Bryant 2022 The Unexpected Power of Women's Self-Help Groups: Collective Consciousness and the Formation of Gendered Political Networks
Kiara T Dunbar 2022 Through My Lens: Reflections on a Cinematic Summer
Derek Chen 2021 Availability Trends of LGBTQ-Specific Mental Health Services
Chanté Cottman 2021 Building Queer Kinship Networks: Critical Reflection of Our Family Coalition Internship
Christina Misaki Nikitin 2021 Dialogical Intimacy and Virtual Ethnography
Auguste Seong 2021 Do You See Me? A Reflection on "Now You Know Me": Young Children’s Rational Communication of the Self
Julia Belle Adams 2021 My Practicum Experience
Claire Margot Dauge-Roth 2021 Reflections on Movement and Change: The Power of Location in Editing, Writing, and Curatorial Work
Benny Siam 2021 Title TK
Ashe Huang 2020 Making Justice Accessible with Transgender Law Center: Statement of Academic Integration
Lucas Benjamin Lawrence 2019 Finding an Outlet: What I Learned About “Work-Life Balance” at a Non-Profit
Adrian Vega 2019 I Believe that Children are the Future: Reflecting on Youth Activism and My FGSS Practicum
Eisa Al-Shamma 2018 Feminist Frameworks in Community Organizing
Michela Rodriguez 2018 Reimagining Women's Theater: A Shift in Language and Practice
Jasmine Mueller-Hsia 2018 Sex Ed for All: What's the Feminist Approach?
Gabriela Nagle-Alverio 2018 When Social Work is Not Enough
Tessa Jean Smith 2018 Women's Empowerment Network, Nicaragua
Lilly Gill 2017 Breaking Taboos: Cultivating Period Positivity
Dylan Simmons 2017 Making Change from Within: My Work with the DGen Office
Talia Charme-Zane 2017 Public Defense and Feminism