Alok Vaid-Menon '13

"I chose to major in Feminist Studies because it was one of the few programs at Stanford where I could study issues that were directly pertinent to my life and my activism. There was never a concern that the knowledge I was learning was not 'practical,' or not 'applied' to the real world because the theories and methods I was exposed to...

... were directly related to how to challenge and eradicate power inequalities. Feminist Studies, thus, allowed for me to seamlessly integrate my queer and feminist activism with my coursework.  The most important aspect of the experience was writing my Honors Thesis on white supremacy and the LGBTI movement in South Africa as this allowed me to integrate theory with practice, have international research…

Emma Steinkellner '16

"Feminist Studies gave me an illuminating and practical education in social justice and how to live my own, uniquely feminist life. I draw cartoons for a living and the values of representation through art and the politics of the personal have become an essential part of how I write and draw...

...Everyone can find a way in which feminist studies is uniquely vital to what they do."

Jessica Hernandez '16

"Completing a minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies granted me the opportunity to explore intersectionality (with race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, and gender) with other students who were equally - if not more - interested in discussing these topics. I appreciated having faculty, advisors, and fellow peers in my classes who cared...

...about having these important conversations. My beliefs regarding identity were constantly challenged, allowing me to grow intellectually and form a critical societal lens. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in social work, armed and ready with the feminist and queer theories - and social justice frameworks - I learned from FGSS. I am the deconstructionist, activist, and feminist I am today because of FGSS; and for that, I am incredibly appreciative."

Mikah Sánchez '23

“I’m passionate about using media as tools for liberation and education. FGSS has given me a justice-oriented lens through which to tell stories that are as vibrant as the communities and identities that I hold.”

Brionna Bolaños '22

“Studying feminist, gender, and sexuality studies at Stanford was one of the most enriching and engaging experiences of my life. In the FGSS program, I was surrounded by a community of faculty, students, and staff who all contributed to the cultivation of learning environments that push the boundaries of what can be questioned and illuminated. The complex understanding of gender, policy, and culture that I learned in the classroom informs my passion for social justice and liberation. I seek to extend the accessibility of the critical methodologies I learned in FGSS to my local communities in the ways that matter most to those who have historically been excluded."

Tabor Hoatson '20

"My FGSS degree grounds my work in public health within a long history of resistance to oppression. This degree taught me how to carefully and strategically craft arguments, critically engage with texts and ideas, and tackle thorny, unresolvable ethical dilemmas. I learned how to articulate exactly what I think and believe - and be extraordinarily precise in my communication. Beyond the career benefits of my FGSS degree, this program gave me an unusually safe and supportive learning environment, complete with incredible mentors."

Somer Bryant '22

“Through [the Global Studies] course series, I was able to intern in the anti-trafficking field with the organization, 3 Strands Global Foundation, and I am now volunteering for the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition (BAATC).”

Hana/Connor Yankowitz '23

“By taking a mixture of historical and practical courses on art, activism, and queerness, I’ve learned about the various ways that queer identities have manifested over time, especially in America/The West, and how to create queer art and research of my own!”

David Ryan '22

“[My courses] gave me a solid background in the underlying theory and practice of social movements, and the tools/modalities to research them (and effectively participate!).”

Lucas Lawrence '19

“I chose my Thematic Concentration courses to develop a clearer picture of how we feel into our sexuality and gender. The political is made personal in how I sense queerness and transness in my body. These identities shape and are shaped by other embodied experiences along the spectrum of euphoria to trauma. I thoroughly enjoyed each course I took, but perhaps the most influential was Trans Performance. More than any other course, this one allowed me to feel experiences I had purposely numbed. I left the course better than I was when I entered it.”