Undergraduate Program Representatives

The Program in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies revived the Peer Advisor program during the 2022-23 academic year. The selected student advisors chose a new name to represent their role in the program -- Program Representative. These students are happy to meet with anybody interested in majoring or minoring in FGSS. 

Sarah Jung

Sarah Jung is a third-year undergraduate student from Los Angeles, CA pursuing a major in FGSS. The first Stanford class that captivated her attention and brought her into this field was called “Leaving Patriarchy: A Course for All Genders” with Professor Nina Schloesser Tarano (a must-take for anyone!) Her favorite author, visionary, and activist to read and study is bell hooks. She loves reading and bonding with trees in her free time. 

Olivia Ziegler

Olivia Ziegler (she/her) is a second-year undergrad, studying FGSS with a focus in sexual health. Survivor advocacy, consent education, and reproductive justice are passions that set her particularly ablaze. She’s a proud counselor at the Sexual Health Peer Resource Center and hypes it up almost as incessantly as FGSS. At any given time, you’ll probably find Olivia with a crochet hook or cup of coffee in hand- she’d love you to join her for the latter and chat!

Glede Wang (she/her)

Qixuan Wang, with preferred name Glede, is a third-year undergraduate student at Stanford from Shenzhen, China. She is a queer woman looking to pursue a double major in FGSS and Political Science. Her research primarily focuses on Asian/Asian American sexual politics and digital humanity with big data analysis. She enjoys tennis, watermelon, and cosplay during her free time.